Hi! Welcome!

🚧 This website is under construction 🚧

I am still evaluating one of the several thousand JavaScript frameworks that came out just this month to see if it is a perfect fit for building my little blog and a personal site. If it takes too long, I will probably just hand-roll the whole thing much like this page.


I am an experienced technologist who has helped bring to market several business-critical, consumer-facing applications for major Enterprises in Australia and South-East Asia. Thanks to my experience in consulting and child-like insatiable curiosity, I have developed skills in a wide range of technologies, processes, and domains. I am just as comfortable writing CSS, as I am designing a solution architecture for a complex, public-facing cloud web-application for an Enterprise. I prefer working with smaller teams that own their products/platforms/services and enjoy a certain degree of freedom from bureaucracy.

Here are some words and phrases that I commonly use in the bio/intro sections:
polyglot, problem-solver, digital swiss-army-knife, opinionated, pragmatic, life-long learner, deep-thinker, sociable, altruistic, benevolent, democratic leader, amateur pianist, casual gamer, community founder, open-source software enthusiast, advocate for open web and privacy, reluctant hiker, aspiring dad of plants and dogs, hoarder of anything that is on sale, reader of though provoking literature, appreciator of all things art, music and culture.

Let's connect!

The best way to reach out to me is via LinkedIn.

I no longer use any other major social media services, but I am available on the following platforms:

See you around, and have a nice day!


  1. Why not just leave the old page as is while you build a new one?

    It had not been updated in over 5 years. The content was no longer relevant or useful. It had to go.

  2. What are you going to do with this website?

    If/when I get enough time and motivation, I will start posting little nuggets of knowledge & wisdom in a blog-ish format. My posts will be short, and will be tailored to a specific target audience. It will be a static site with no social features and no tracking of any kind.

  3. What JS frameworks/tools are you looking at at the moment?

    Gatsby is perhaps the best suited for my needs (it's built for SSG + has a rich plugin ecosystem), however I am currently exploring SvelteKit and QwikCity - and loving them both so far.

  4. What about content management?

    I run a Docker stack locally on my machine which has a Postgres instance, a Ghost instance with GraphQL enabled for headless content consumption, alongside "whatever modern SSG framework I am currently infatuated with". It used to be Strapi, but Ghost works better for me.