Siddharth Bhatt


I am a Full-Stack Developer from India with professional experience in iOS app development.

I am currently pursuing Master's Degree in Information Technology from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

I am a FOSS enthusiast and an ex-Mozillian. I support neutral, open web and right to individual online privacy.

I spend most of my time working on my garage projects, and learning and experimenting with new technologies.

When I am not doing anything technical, I like to hangout with friends, read thought-provoking literature and play games.

My areas of interest include distributed and parallel computing, software abstraction, astrophysics, philosophy, psychology, economics and literature.

Best way to contact me is via e-mail : sidbhatt11 [at] yahoo [dot] in

I am available on : LinkedIn, GitHub, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Flickr

Teaching Assistant at Monash University

Feb 2018 - Current
Melbourne, Australia

Apart from my role at Monash Education Academy, I also have been working part-time as a Teaching Assistant (Tutor) for the following undergraduate-level units offered by the Faculty of Information Technology at Monash University:

Technical Officer at Monash University

Feb 2017 - Current
Melbourne, Australia

I work part-time as a Technical Officer at CEED - a program for academic staff by Monash Education Academy(MEA)(formerly Office of Learning and Teaching - MU-OLT). Information about CEED can be found here.

My responsibilities as a Technical Officer are as following :

  • - Maintain, manage, extend and test Moodle modules for units taught at CEED and different faculties at Monash University.
  • - Troubleshoot any technical issues faced by staff.

Product Engineer - iOS at Go-Jek

Sept 2016 - Jan 2017 (5 months)
Bengaluru, India

Leftshift (previous employer) was acquired by Indonesian unicorn Go-Jek in August 2016.

At Go-Jek I was part of the iOS core team which was responsible for the following :

  • - App Architecture
  • - Changes, events, features, bugs that have effect over entire app/more than one 'Go' product
  • - Conducting Code review, cleanup for all teams
  • - Development and testing of common libraries, services to be used by all or multiple 'Go' products
  • - App security
  • - App Delivery/Release

iOS Engineer at Leftshift Technologies

June 2015 - Aug 2016 (1 year 3 months)
Pune, India

Leftshift Technologies, Pune-based mobile app maker, has served companies like BookMyShow, Ubisoft, PepperTap, NH7, CitrusPay, Veritrans, Practo, Sunguard, Airtel, IIFL, Emerson, EBBEX, Go-Jek. Apps made by Leftshift had over 42 million downloads during 2014-16 and have been featured several times on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

At Leftshift as an iOS Engineer, I enjoyed complete responsibility of my projects. It included the following tasks:

  • - Communication with Client Teams and Project Managers
  • - Communication and active co-ordination with other teams at Leftshift ( e.g. Design Team, Web-Backend Team )
  • - Development and Testing
  • - Scheduling and delivering releases
  • - Supporting Client Teams with questions/queries/issues and guiding them through the deployment process
At Leftshift, we also conduct code reviews and code walk-through sessions internally to continuously improve our code quality.
In our free time we join awesome developers at PuneCocoa for meetups!

Freelance Designer, Developer

Aug 2012 - Jun 2015 (2 years 11 months)
Pune, India

During my bachelor’s degree (graduate level) studies, I used to work part-time as a freelancer to further sharpen my skills in application design and development. During this period I got the opportunity to work on various projects that involved working on design and development of web, mobile and desktop applications for all major platforms - both native and hybrid.

Software Developer at SDRCLabs

July 2012 - June 2015 (3 years)
Pune, India

Software Development and Research Cell (SDRC) at Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research (SICSR) is where all the technical development, experimentation and research for SICSR and inter-SIU institutes takes place. SDRC is run by select students and faculties from SICSR.

As a SDRC member I enjoyed the following responsibilities :

  • - Complete responsibility, from development to deployment of projects assigned by faculties and senior SDRC members.
  • - Identifying the need of and starting new projects with approval from faculties.
  • - Communication with faculties, System Admins and other members regarding changes/updation/troubleshooting required in college infrastructure and ongoing & upcoming projects.
  • - Recruiting new SDRC members under direction of faculties and senior SDRC members.
  • - Work with leads of different FOSS communities in & around Pune to organise and execute events, workshops, hackathons at SICSR.
  • - Co-organise one of the biggest annual FOSS conferences in India - GNUnify.

I first started writing code in C language in grade school when I was 11 (sometime around 2007-08). I haven't stopped writing and (more importantly) learning code ever since 😇

Over the years, I have tried my hands on almost all sorts of software development in search of 'that one thing that fascinates me the most' but as it turns out, everything that I try, keeps me fascinated..

I have tried to list everything I have enjoyed working with, below:

Parallel Computing

Key technologies : MPI, OpenMP, OpenCL

Languages used : C

During my first semester of Master of Information Technology at Monash University, I studied Advanced distributed and parallel systems under Dr Asad Khan. The subject helped develop a thorough understanding of parallel and distributed processing fundamentals and provided me with extensive practice/exercise in tools like MPI.

Distributed & Big Data Processing

Key technologies : Spark, Hadoop

Languages used : Scala, Java, Python

During my second semester of Master of Information Technology at Monash University, I studied Data processing for big data under Dr Asad Khan. The subject introduced and provided me with extensive exercise in data processing tools like Spark and HadoopMR. This unit also covered distributed graph data processing using GraphX and setting up batch as well as streaming machine learning pipelines in Spark.

Mobile App Development

Platforms : iOS, Android

Languages used : Objective-C, Swift, Java

I started mobile development in early 2013 first on Android and then on iOS in late 2014. I have about 2 years of professional experience in iOS app development although I am quite comfortable with Android app development as well.

Web-Backend Development

Python - Django, Web2py

JavaScript - ExpressJS, SailsJS

Swift - Perfect, Vapor, Zewo

Java - Java EE Web components (EJB, Servlet, JAX-RS, JSP, JSTL etc)

PHP - CakePHP, CodeIgniter

I started server-side development in 2012 with PHP, then quickly learned Python and Java. Recently I have been working on Swift and JavaScript backend projects. My favourite choice of all time for web-backend development remains Python for its reliability.

IoT Applications

Devices : Raspberry Pi

Languages used : JavaScript

During my second semester of Master of Information Technology at Monash University, I studied Advanced mobile systems under Mr Jason Haasz and Mr Josh Olsen. This unit provided me with thorough understanding of low-level electronic components, sensors and their interfacing with raspberry pi hardware and system software. This unit provided hands-on rigorous exercises in forms of group assignments with freedom of choice for language/platform to use for on-device application. My group projects for this unit included a weather station server written in JavaScript and a smart door-lock security system written in Python; both the projects also included a companion iOS application that communicated to the server running on Raspberry Pi.

Web-Frontend Development

Key Technologies : Bootstrap, JQuery, VueJS

I have been practising web-frontend development since my schooling days. I prefer not to use any third-party library/framework unless it's really required. Although I am comortable with modern reactive javascript frameworks (VueJS, Angular), I prefer not using them unless the UI is actually THAT complex and requires internal state management and routing or if the backend requires all the front-end apps to be written in reactive fashion for any real-time capabilities..

Desktop App Development

Platforms : Windows, Linux, Mac

Languages used : C++ (Qt), Python (TkInter), Objective-C, Swift

Although I am comfortable working on cross-platform/cross-compiled frameworks like TkInter and Qt, I enjoy working on native macOS app development the most. Ask me about my SoundCloud app for mac!

Console App Development

Platforms : *nix

Languages used : Python, Swift, Scala, JavaScript, C, C++

I can write tools/utilities and background services that can be consumed by other programs in the system.

Application UI Design

Key Tools : Sketch

I have intermediate level of skills in application UI design for web, mobile and desktop. I prefer simple, clean, and minimalistic design.

Software Testing

Key Technologies : JUnit, PyUnit, XCTest, Quick

I can write unit tests for any Python, Java, Objective-C or Swift application.

System Administration

Platforms : *nix

Key Technologies : Bash Scripts, Python

I can write and maintain bash and Python scripts to automate simple and repetitive tasks, to monitor stuff, to set up an environment etc..


Worked with : MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, SQLite, MongoDB, Apache CouchDB, Apache HBase

I have worked with above mentioned database management systems/data stores without using any sort of ORM or DAL, so in case of emergency, I can fire up the shell and save the day!

Game Development

Platforms : Cross-Platform (Unity)

Languages used : JavaScript

I can write a tiny, single-scene game using Unity if assets are given. I started learning Unity just to satisfy my curiousity with no aim/goal of becoming a game developer in future.

Master of Information Technology from Monash University

2017 - 2018
Melbourne, Australia

I joined Master of Information Technology (MIT) programme at Monash University, Melbourne in February 2017. I was awarded with 'Faculty of Information Technology International Merit Scholarship' by Monash University. MIT is a two-year full time post-graduate course aimed at providing students with the knowledge, understanding and skills to enable them to deal effectively with advanced issues involving the application of information technology in various domains. Click here for more info.

Bachelor of Computer Application from Symbiosis International University

2012 - 2015
Pune, India

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) is a three year full time program aimed at equipping students with core knowledge and skills required in an IT career. Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research (SICSR) was ranked #3 in 'India's best BCA colleges' - by India Today in 2015 and 2016. More information about the course can be found at the institute website.